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36 Days Of Type 4

02.05.17 By: Aidan

It happened again, we couldn’t help but scratch the itch of having to create a new daily piece of typography for 36 Days Of Type. Now in its fourth year, the idea of the project is to invite designers, typographers, illustrators and graphic artists to share their interpretation of letters and numbers from the alphabet over 36 consecutive days. With the work hosted and showcased via Instagram.

This year we decided to work within a self imposed restriction of only creating characters using black and white. This sounds very easy at first thought, it fits into our belief that simplicity is the key to successful design. Also, a restriction to work against often helps produce  more interesting outcomes, it can provide a focus on new opportunities that may have been overlooked. We love to experiment and play with typography, and this process of having to be creative within a defined area is very much how we work like to with our clients. Identifying how we can maximise the impact of a particular item then produce something that is relevant and visually arresting.

These types of self initiated projects help us to push new techniques, ideas or things we simply want to try in the pursuit of bettering what we do and being able to apply it to work that then benefits our clients, and ultimately their audience and business.





A small selection of some of our very favourite characters from this years 36 Days of Type. You can follow our Instagram to view all the submissions.







Alphabet and numerals prints framed up by A.N.D. Studio