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A.N.D. Studio is an independent design and branding studio based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We are here to bring clarity, value and distinction to brands with design and ideas.



SHAPE Lindley

SHAPE Lindley is a voluntary community organisation set up with the aim of securing and developing a centre for local residents to use as hub for workshops, events, offices and youth clubs. They also wanted to help steer the future of the changing place they live, work and play.

They asked us to help by creating a logo that would appeal to the cross-generational residents of their local village. After listening to the requirements of their brief, it was obvious to us that “just a logo” would not do enough to reach the level of engagement required.

We suggested a flexible identity system that would encourage their audience to engage with it, help it grow and ultimately give it the best chance of success. By using the name and connecting it to children’s building blocks it allowed everyone an equal opportunity to “shape” the identity and in turn the village itself. From the young to the old, this simple and flexible system includes everyone and can go on to provide the foundation of an own-able identity they can use when they secure a permanent base and funding for the project.







SHAPE Lindley 4